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Bike Suitability Ratings

NSDSC Bike Suitability Ratings



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Some riders have had questions and comments regarding the many dual sport rides, some thought one thing and the ride wound up being another, hence the need for a rating system for a ride. Since what one rider deems easy, another may deem challenging, a skill rating proves useless. Therefore, what has evolved is a bike suitability rating. In other words, what bikes would deliver a higher degree of satisfaction and fun for a particular ride.

NSDSC Bike Suitability Ratings

  • Rating of "1": Denotes a ride where street oriented Adventure bikes 650cc and larger will be able to participate and have fun, ie; BMW GS1150, BMWF650, KLR650, DR650, KTM950 etc.
  • Rating Of "2": Is a ride that is suitable for Dual Sport bikes 650cc and under which were manufactured as dual sport motorcycles, such as XRL650, DR350, DRZ400s, XT350 etc.
  • Rating Of "3": Means that it is suitable for legalized off-road machines, (a more dirt oriented ride) WR400, XR400, KDX220, EC300 etc.

This rating system is designed to include variables that may lie in the grey areas of dual sporting. For example, if a ride carries a rating of "1", it's going to be an easy road oriented ride. A "2" rating means it's good for a standard dual sport bike. A "3" rating designates that a legalized off-road bike would be right at home on this one. By combining the ratings, a degree of difficulty can be determined: A "1/2" rated ride would be dirt and street oriented, while a "2/3" rated ride will have a greater trail orientation. Consider it a sliding scale like shown below:








While remembering that dual sporting is a compromise subject, there will never be a ride rating system which will accurately reflect all riders fun-factors based on terrain, bike choice, and rider ability. What we've done is to provide a rating which will give perspective upon what types of bikes would deliver the highest fun-factor for the riders of those bikes. For example, trying to do a single track based enduro-esque ride on a KLR would be no fun, and riding a gravely dirt road only ride on an EC250 would not be too much fun either, but switch them around and life is all fun! After all, no one purchases an DRZ400 and expects to use it like a Goldwing(except me maybe). People purchase bikes for specific reasons, and they expect to enjoy them for that purpose. To do the job most efficiently with the greatest degree of satisfaction requires the right tools. If you don't have the right tools, your job becomes a chore. If you didn't like a ride, chances are you may have had the wrong bike for the job and you may not want to return.

edited by Kelsow 

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