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2. Wheel Bearings

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Even sealed bearings wear out. Under ideal clean and dry conditions, it can take millions of revolutions, but for dirt-bike wheels, clean and dry don't apply. Put the machine on a stand so both wheels are off the ground. Rotate them and listen for any squeaks or grinding noises. Test for any side-to-side movement of the wheel relative to the swingarm or fork. Grab the wheel directly above the axle and, while supporting the bike with one hand, forcefully push the wheel to the left and right to feel any freeplay. There should be zero freeplay, and any movement means the wheel needs new bearings. Expect to pay between $20 and $40, not including labor, to replace bearings. Don't even bother replacing bearings without also putting on new seals; and this may require purchasing new spacers. You could spend more than $100 per wheel to ensure they are safe. If there is a lot of play, pull the axle and check carefully for any hub damage, as you could spend at least another $200 to $300 for a replacement hub if the bearing bore is worn out.

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