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Air Filter Cleaning





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STEP 1: Remove Filter
Remove the filter being careful not to drop any dirt into the carburetor boot.

STEP 2: Clean Filter
Soak filter in a type of solvent [Soap and Water, Simple Green or Air Filter Cleaner] in a tub for 3-5 minutes. Work out any trapped dirt or particles. The most important thing is that the inside of the filter is completely clean.

STEP 3: Clean Airbox
While filter is soaking: clean air box (make sure to remove the grease off air box sealing surface) and filter cage.

STEP 4: Rinse Filter
Rinse Filter from the inside out with warm water. Make sure all dirt particles are removed. Repeat step 2 if necessary.

STEP 5: Dry Filter
Use Compressed air (from inside to out) or leave in clean area to air dry.

STEP 6: Oil Filter
Soak filter in filter oil. Squeeze excess oil out of the filter so that a light coat of oil remains. 

STEP 7: Install Filter
Before installing, check carburetor boot for dirt. Clean any grease off of airbox so that it won't collect dirt. Apply light coat of grease on seating surface, place the cage in filter and install filter into airbox.

You'll ride better with a bike that breathes properly.

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